Attendant Schedule


We operate by a rotation system.  Please make your appointment with the attendant on duty your night.  Calls can be made until 10:30 PM and please call at least 48 hours in advance. For any questions, please call Mrs. Jakubowicz at 331-1448.  Thank you.

December Schedule

Sundays: Janice Rosenfield 213-3363

Mondays: Janice Rosenfield 213-3363

Tuesdays: Devorah Raskin 273-2299

Wednesdays: Devorah Raskin 273-2299

Thursdays: Janice Rosenfield 213-3363

Fridays: Lynn Jakubowicz 331-1448

Saturdays: Janice Rosenfield 213-3363


Wednesday December 7 Miriam Karp 410-504-3125

Tuesday December 13 Janice Rosenfield 213-3363

Friday December 30 Elaine Saklad 487-1202


Mikveh use costs $20.00 a visit or $29.00 to prepare at the Mikveh.  Full and patron member visit for free.  Others please pay at your visit or mail your payment ahead when you make your appointment. 

Checks should be payable to the Mikveh Ladies Association of Rhode Island and mailed to Post Office Box 6492, Providence, RI 02940. Alternatively, you can pay by PayPal

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